It was November 22nd 1963, a young man had just finished a top secret job for a nasty European bank. This was to be his last job for the clandestine organisation, he had decided to turn his life around and move on to more benevolent works. He decided to form a new sort of underground action group – a group that would remain anonymous but bring about global change. From the late 60s through to December 2006 when the groups most controversial plan was launched......Oh wait a minute that’s a different story!!

Errr...Chuff Fest – spawned from the amazing Production Team at UYC and Roulette Media. Following on from the massive success of the online radio show UYC Experience. The UYC Crew have decided to create a positive, life enriching, inspirational, music type festival thing!

All the talent in Chuff Fest is fairly home grown – most of the acts emerging from the flourishing Kent music scene. Of course there is a sprinkling of talent from other areas of UK, but primarily Chuff Fest is a festival created by Kent people, celebrating grass roots Kent artists in a great Kent venue!

The whole festival will be broadcast on and podcasts will also be available after the festival. As a good friend of mine once said...”Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream”...well he wasn’t actually a good friend but I certainly knew him...well, I bought his records anyway.... or did I illegally download them? Either way he definitely said it...I think!

Mr C

  • 5 minutes walk from Deal train station
  • 5 minutes walk from South Street bus terminal
  • 4 minutes walk from Queen Street bus stop
  • 2 minutes walk from a large Sainsbury's & CO-OP supermarket
  • 5 public car parks in the immediate area & street parking
  • A wide verity of local food & coffee shops
  • A good selection of hotels and B&Bs in the local area